Wet Shave Kits

Sustainable, Plastic-Free Shaving Kits.  High quality double-edged safety razors, wooden handled shaving brush with natural bristles, a pack of premium blades and a 100% organic, vegan-friendly bar of shaving soap in a variety of natural scents. 

Moving to a more traditional way of shaving was one of the first changes we made here at Natural Nation HQ when we were looking for ways to avoid single-use plastics.  The quantity of plastic surrounding your typical multi-bladed pack of razor blades, the aerosol tin of spray foam, the security-tagged armoured pack that needs a chainsaw to open.....;  make all of those problems disappear and save money too. 

We think these simple kits are a great way to try out a traditional, plastic-free wet shave without spending a fortune.  We're busy working on a premium package for those that have already made the leap; subscribe to our newsletter for updates.    

We're not claiming these kits will give you the closest shave you've ever had; the reality is it takes a little practice and patience when you've spent years shaving at the speed of multi-bladed sound.  It is however a very satisfying daily ritual to get the hang of, it will save you money each and every week, and it will contribute to reducing plastic waste and looking after the environment.