Kids Dinner Sets & Bamboo Cutlery

Why Bamboo?  Being the world’s fastest growing plant and wholly self-regenerating, bamboo has an incredibly low impact on the environment and is 100% biodegradable.  It’s amazing. 

In traditional Chinese culture bamboo plays such a central role that it is regarded as a behavioural role model for the ideal gentleman. Possessing uprightness, tenacity and modesty along with integrity and elegance we at Natural Nation could certainly use a little in our lives!

Our Bamboo on The Go range is made from a mix of sustainably grown organic bamboo mixed with corn starch and melamine for strength and durability.  The bamboo has been recycled from offcuts of chopsticks thus offering a huge reduction in environmental impact compared with the plastic and paper single-use items we’ve become so sick of throwing away after every use. 

Fully washable, re-useable, BPA free and great value for money.